Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Ticket Sale

The staff at Horizon Stage have decided to jump start the holiday revelry, we're holding a Holiday Ticket Sale. We’ve always said that tickets make great gifts or stocking stuffers, so we’re looking to help you by offering some great discounts on select shows in the new year.
The first sale item is the performance of James Gordon and Sons, Friday, February 2. This one is an extra-special 2 for 1 price. James and his sons have been making Canadian folk music together for years, and I know there are some folkies in our audience – so here’s your chance to bring a friend and reminisce. Bring on the fringed leather vests and long hair, you are welcome here, my friends!
The rest of the offers are 20% off tickets:
Silver Screen Scoundrels, Thursday, February 8 at 2 p.m. I specifically mention the time because it is a Thursday afternoon and it’s important to know that before you buy the tickets. It’s the fourth year we’ve presented a show in this time slot, and it has proven to be very popular with our older audiences. Seniors’ groups, tours from Westlock, and lots of retired patrons love to come in the afternoon, when they have access to specialized transit or other options. This year, the Silver Screen Scoundrels are going to entertain you with wonderful silent films to go along with their live music. I first saw this act a couple of years ago, and I thought it was brilliant. Here you have two incredibly talented musicians, playing their instruments as a soundtrack to silent films they have written, starred in, and are showing behind them. It’s really a unique experience – blending visual with what we hear, and doing it all with a sense of humour.

Proteus Saxophone Quartet, Saturday, February 17. I’ll admit, a saxophone quartet is a pretty specific genre, and it’s going to have a specific audience. We encourage anyone who is studying an instrument to consider this show – especially those in a junior high or high school band. It’s important for them to hear music presented in a new way, to expand their own knowledge, and to experience professional musicians in their own community. Student or not, the quartet will have you marveling at the diversity of music the saxophones can produce.

Lion Bear Fox, Saturday, March 3. I know, I’m not really supposed to “pick favourites” in the season. But if I’m being really honest with you, this trio is among my top picks this year. I saw them in Vancouver at a conference, in a theatre even cozier than ours. From the minute they picked up their instruments I knew there was something special going on. These three men, all with solo careers of their own, decided to join forces and create music together. Because of their own individual strengths, the trio has a powerful dynamic and stage presence. The stories they tell through music are strong and easy to connect with, and they range from fun and lighthearted (“Freedom” is actually about a lady down the street who gave them popsicles in the summer as kids) to the stunning (the acoustic version of “Home” they did gives me goosebumps every time I think about it). The band is named for each member’s “spirit animal”. You have to see them to understand it. Who is the Bear? Who is the Fox? And the remaining one must be the Lion. This show is my birthday present to me. I hope you’ll come share it with me.

DuffleBag Theatre: Robin Hood, Sunday, March 4 at 2 p.m. The final Family Matinee in this season, DuffleBag is an audience favourite. Simple concepts, some creative costumes and props, and a genuine love of sharing theatre with children – that’s their slam-dunk recipe. No flashy special effects, no big soundtrack, just storytelling at its most… creative. Each of the fairy tales they perform are well known to their audiences, but with DuffleBag that’s just the beginning. Audience participation is key to the show, because at some point the show needs a hero, a villain, and a lot of supporting characters. Last time they were here one lucky young lady got to be Snow White – the lead role, plucked right out of the seats! I love watching the kids at DuffleBag shows, but just as often I’m watching the parents. Pure delight and enjoyment. What more can I say?

Brickhouse, Friday, April 27. This will be the final show in our 35th year. What a great way to end the season – funk and R&B music that will make you happy to be alive. I will share something about me – I simply have a really hard time sitting still when there’s good music playing, and every time I listen to Brickhouse I find myself dancing in my chair. If these guys were a local Edmonton band, I would go out dancing a whole lot more, believe me! They’re a tight band, full of energy and enthusiasm, and I dare say it’s going to close the season with a bang. Take a chance – you’re unlikely to regret it.

So, because this is a Holiday Ticket Sale, these deals are available for a limited time only. Between now and December 31, to be precise. It’s easy to get in on the special prices: phone us at the City Hall Ticket Centre Monday – Friday 9-4:30 at 780-962-8995 or come see us in person. After hours, or while our office is closed over the holidays (December 22 at noon through January 1 inclusive) you can call Ticketpro at 1-888-655-9090. Or, if your fingers are itching to make the transaction themselves, online purchases are available all day and night, in your jammies while sipping a lovely beverage. All the ticket links are at One last thing – you will need a Promo code to get your amazing prices. Either online, or talking to a person, you’ll have to know this super-secret password. Ready? The password is: GIFT

We hope this helps you not only with your last-minute shopping, but also your planning into the spring. We’re incredibly blessed to be hosting our 35th season at Horizon Stage and we wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy, happy year ahead. See you soon. 
- Brandi Wurtz (Theatre Manager)

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